The Studio


The Studio

The Studio


Studio A

Studio A is our control room and primary work space. It is a hand built room-within-a-room, has great isolation, and is suitable for both tracking and mixing environments. The room has an incredible energy, surrounded by pine wood and full of natural sunlight.


Studio B

Studio B is our live room and rehearsal space. It features a pine wood diffusive wall, floating floors, and great acoustic treatment. This room has a truly unique and pleasant small-room sound.


Gear List

Our gear list has many notable pieces of equipment. Acquired over several years, each piece has been selected with a special purpose in mind. Every piece is available for use on your session.

The Recordist

The Recordist


About Me

Hi all! My name is Steven and I am the owner and operator of 4D Audio Productions. My sound recording story begins the summer of 2004 at Cove City Sound Studios in Glen Cove, NY. I was offered an internship, and immediately fell in love with the space and the vibe. That same year I got an Mbox (a small two-channel recording device) and the included ProTools software. My friends and I converted my parents basement into a small studio, and I spent most of my high school years making music down there.

In June 2013 I graduated from the University of Miami with a BA in Music Business and minor in Creative American Music (a songwriting focus). I spent much of my time in college moving between business classes, songwriting assignments, and working in the on-campus recording studio. My confidence grew, as well as my joy for the work, and by graduation I knew that I would start a recording business. I moved to NYC in July of 2013, and opened 4D Audio soon-after. 

4D Audio has been all about challenging myself. Since starting, I have worked on many genres, including pop, rock, folk, rap, jazz, funk, fusion, samba, bossa nova, and more. I have also gotten involved with voiceover, podcasts, audiobooks, and sound design. Many ask me what the fourth dimension in '4D' means: It's the 'it' factor. The vision coming to life. That feeling I had when I first walked into a sound studio.



The Reviews

The Reviews

Finding Steven through Thumbtack was perhaps the best thing that’s happened to me as a musician. In working with Steven on my debut EP, I not only found a great musical collaborator, but a trusted adviser and partner in the music industry.

I worked with Steven to record and produce my debut 6-song EP. Not only are his rates beyond competitive given his skill and equipment, but Steven believed in the project, took a personal interest, and leveraged his industry connections to bring in some world class talent to contribute to the record, making it of a quality beyond my expectations. Through Steven I can say that I’ve worked not only with the talents at 4D Audio, but with top notch session musicians fresh off international tours, and a 12-Time Grammy winning mix engineer.
I can’t recommend working with Steven any higher — you can find plenty of people who will bring you in, press record, and send you on your way...Steven will help bring your music to the next level. I look forward to continuing my musical partnership with Steven for years to come.
— David Rothschild,
Steven was able to rectify some huge issues that I had with a previous producer, and returned my files to their more organic and natural state. The project turned out much more cohesive and professional-sounding than I could have hoped, and I’m so grateful for all the hard work he put into it!
— Dottie Scharr,
Working with Steven on my newest EP was a fantastic decision. It’s one thing to work with a producer who knows how to properly put together a good sounding record, but this guy also quickly grasped what I was going for and helped me get the best out of my performances (guitar/bass/keys/vocals) to help me sound the way I wanted. Great set up, very professional, affordable rates, and easy to work with artistically, both from the vocal booth and in production. Most importantly, he always took my notes when there was something specific I wanted in production, but he also never lacked an explanation for any part of his process.
I would absolutely recommend 4D Audio to anyone looking to get their music recorded and produced.
— Dru Serkes,
Steven is one of the most professional people in the music industry I have ever worked with. Don’t let his rates fool you. He is a top notch engineer and producer that will get you even better results than the other studios who charge far more.

From the very get go I knew that I was in good hands with my project. Steven can work with any budget and make sure that you are happy with your songs. He will get the best performances out of you so that you can showcase your true talent to the world.

I could not have done my EP without his help. I am so glad that I met him and worked with him on this. I can tell you right now he will be my first phone call the next time I ever want to record something in the future.

This is NO B.S. Steven is the real deal and he will deliver for you. His studio and equipment are great and he has everything you could possibly need. Don’t hesitate to go with him. You know you are getting a brilliant producer who will understand where you are coming from and get you to where you want to be.
— Stu Basham,