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Studio Policies

Studio Policies

4D Audio Studio Policies


A. Sessions

1.     Booking A Session

a.       Please contact us to book a session. 

b.       Sessions are booked after paying a $100 deposit towards your session. The deposit is refundable until 72-hours prior to the session's start time. 

2.     Canceling A Session

a.      If we don't hear from you at least 72-hours (3 full days) prior to your session, your deposit will become a cancellation fee. 

B. Files

1.     Delivery

a.       4D Audio Productions must receive full payment before delivering audio to you. (Payment methods below.) 

       i.     NOTE: Electronic transfers and checks can take 2-5+ business days to process.

b.       Please bring an external hard drive to your session! The drive should have substantial free space (budget 10GB per song). 

      i.     Hard drive must have USB or Firewire 800 connectivity, and compatibility with Mac OS X.

      ii.    Please bring the files you want to work on with you. 

c.       We use Dropbox for online file transfers. We will not transfer large session data via the internet.

2.     Data Removal

    a.     We must occasionally delete session data off our computers to make space for new projects. We take care of your files for a minimum of 30-days after your last scheduled session. After that, deletion is possible. If you wish to keep a copy of all your session files, please provide an external hard drive to store them on.

C. Payment

1.     Rates

a.     Recording services are scheduled and charged in half-day, full-day or full-week increments. Mixing, Mastering, and Production services are charged per song, or based on the total run time of the production. Rates are subject to change, and based on project needs. Contact us for more information. 

2.     Methods

a.      We accept cash, check, or online payment via PayPal.

i.     Checks must be written out to 4D Audio Productions. Checks may take 5 or more business days to process. We will not deliver any content until the check has cashed. 

ii.    To pay via PayPal, please use the Pay Online Via PayPal option, located below. 

1.     PayPal charges us a transaction fee each time we receive money. We have added tax to our PayPal checkout system to reflect this. 

3.      Refunds

a.      Refunds are issued for sessions cancelled by you at least 72 hours before their start time. Refunds are also issued for sessions cancelled by 4D Audio Productions at any time. 

b.     Refunds may be issued in the form of reimbursement, sent via the same method it was delivered to 4D Audio Productions, or as credit. 

c.     Applicable fees will be deducted from refunds issued through 3rd party services. (PayPal fees, credit card fees, shipping fees, etc.)

D. Promotional Use  

1.     To showcase our work, 4D Audio Productions may post your content on web pages under our control (i.e. our Soundcloud page, our Facebook page, our Website). If this is an issue, please let us know ahead of time. 

E. Damages

1.     If you break it, you bought it.     

Pay Online Via PayPal

Pay Online Via PayPal

To pay online, please use the drop down menu below. Choose the appropriate amount and click Add to Cart. You will then be redirected to PayPal.

If needed, you can combine multiple amounts to your cart. After clicking Add to Cart, simply select the Continue Shopping link in the PayPal menu. You will be redirected to this page, and can choose the next amount to Add to Cart. 

Please make sure you have read and agree to the studio policies above before making a payment.

Thank you!

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