4D Audio Studios
Studio Policies


A. Booking Recording Sessions

1.     Booking A Session

a.       Email: info@4daudio.com, OR Call: 516-241-1431

b.       When we agree on a date and time, we can either schedule: i) a session, or ii) a hold.

i.     A session can be scheduled by paying a $70 deposit for each session date booked. The deposit is non-refundable, and Does count towards session payment. 

ii.     A hold is a potential session that we have not received a deposit for. You may schedule a hold at any time, but we may also cancel it at any time (due to another booking, etc). Holds should be verbally confirmed on the date of the session, and the deposit paid by the time you arrive. 

2.     Canceling A Session

a.      If given at least 72 hours notice of cancellation, the deposit may be re-purposed for rescheduling the session. 

b.      If 72 hours notice is not given, the deposit will be forfeited as a cancellation fee.

B. Session Logistics

1.     There is a $100 minimum booking requirement. 

2.    We will be generous as possible, but sessions that start late don't automatically end late. 

3.    Setup occurs during session time, and generally takes 20-40 minutes depending on the scale of setup.  

C. File Transfers & Data Storage

1.    Audio File Delivery

a.      4D Audio Productions must receive full payment before delivering audio to you. (Payment methods listed below.) 

       i. NOTE: Electronic transfers and checks can take 2-5 business days to process.

b.     Files transfers outside of session time will be billed by the greater of: $20 flat, or $3 per file. 

      i. NOTE: Please bring an external hard drive to your session, and we can transfer all files to it at the end of a session.

1. Hard drive should have nearly 10GB of space per song, must have USB 2.0 or Firewire 800 connectivity, and compatibility with Mac OS X.

      ii. NOTE: We will Not download any audio files off the internet for you. Please bring files you would like to work with on your external hard drive. 

c.     The following are the methods we use for file transfers:

i.     Dropbox

ii.    Hard drive transfer (Hard drive must have either USB 2 or Firewire 800 ports)

iii.   CD

 Please bring in or send us any files you will use during your session using the above methods.

2.    Data Removal

    a.     We save session data onto our computers for up to 6 months from the start of a project. After that we erase it to make room for other sessions. If you wish to permanently keep a copy of all your files, please provide an external hard drive to store them on. 

D. Payment

1.     Rates

a.     To find our current rates please visit:

i.    Studio Rates (clickable link) 

2.     Payment

a.      All payments must be made in U.S. Dollars.

b.      We accept any of the following methods:

i.      Cash

ii.     Electronic transfer to info@4daudio.com, EITHER (the following bold type includes click-able links)

1.     With the following commercial banking financial transfer systems to info@4daudio.com:

2.     With Venmo to info@4daudio.com. Venmo is a service that does not charge for transfers as long as you provide valid banking information. If you choose not to provide banking information Venmo is still free of charge, unless using a credit card, for which there is a 3% credit card fee. (We have been using them for nearly three years and they have proven to be a legitimate and trustworthy organization.)

3.     With PayPal to info@4daudio.com. PayPal charges us 2.9% + $0.30 for each time we receive money. If you wish to use PayPal, we forward that fee unto you.

  • If confused about the proper payment to send through PayPal, please use this online calculator by clicking here. Enter the amount owed to us and click Calculate. The large bold number in the bottom right hand box (green box) equals the total amount due.

iii.     Checks, written out to Steven Pardo. 

1.     Checks will not be considered payment until successfully cashed. 

E. Promotional Use  

1.     4D Audio Productions may use recordings we work on for showcasing and promoting our work. We will only post content on web pages under our control (i.e. our Soundcloud, our Facebook, our Website)

F. Miscellaneous

1.      No smoking inside the building. 

2.     No pets are allowed unless otherwise stated by Steven.

3.     We must be notified of all members of your party attending the session. 

4.     If you break it, you pay for it.