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4D Audio Studios is the recording & mixing studio owned and operated by Steven Pardo. Located in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan, the 120-square foot facility features a custom built 5'x7' recording booth and sonically designed control room. The primary functions of this space are vocal recordings, instrumental solo recordings, overdubs, audio editing, and music mixing. The studio strives to provide a comfortable, cost-efficient, and musical environment. 


All first time studio clients must schedule a consultation before their first session. Every first consultation is free of charge, so please don't hesitate to Contact Us!

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4D Sound Studios houses a 35 sq ft custom built isolation booth. We have several microphones to choose from, and can facilitate most instruments (even small drum sets). Due to the size of the space, the studio is mostly used for vocalists, and overdubbing instruments.

When requiring a larger space, or acoustic piano recordings, we have many solutions, as we work with some incredible third party recording facilities.


Editing can be a time consuming process, and therefore it is often overlooked. We are extremely proud of our aptitude for editing, and offer many editing services including, but not limited to:

Vocal tuning

Audio Compiling

Rhythmic tightening

Noise reduction

Sonic spacing and fading

We will need to review audio files before we can create an accurate price quote. Please Contact Us for more information.


Part art and part science, mixing is often the most difficult part of the recording process to get right. Not only will we take the time and love to sculpt a great sounding mix, but we also work with you after the mix is finished to make any last adjustments you see necessary. Here is our general mixing process:

Analysis of each track

Gain staging

Clean up of fades

Loudness and panning

Application of EQ and Compression

Application of effects (reverb, delay, etc.)

Automation where necessary

2-day free mix revision period (Beginning the day after the mix is delivered)

 Ron Saint Germain's Amek 9098i (at Saint's Place)

Ron Saint Germain's Amek 9098i (at Saint's Place)


We offer an incredibly budget-effective mastering solution that satisfies most independent artist's needs. Here is a general list of our mastering process.

Analysis of each mix 

Application of EQ and/or Compression where needed

Stereo field separation where needed

Limiting and loudness maximization for commercially acceptable, but still musical tracks

Proper spacing and fading between songs

1-day free master revision period (Beginning the day after the master is delivered)