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A clear Scope of Work gives us the information we need to understand and agree to a session. If you haven’t already, now may be a good time to also read through our Studio Policies (

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How many vocalists and/or instruments are being recorded? How many performers are recording simultaneously? Please include a list of each instrument and each vocalist performing.


How many songs do you plan on recording? OR How long is the recordings total run time? What services do you require? (Read about Our Services here) Are you using and providing backing tracks or beats? Please include any other project requirements.


What date(s) would you like to record? What is your preferred start time?** What session length(s) would you like to schedule? (Read about Session Length here)

**Start time is when ‘the clock’ begins, and it will not wait for your arrival. That said, we are pretty generous with ‘the clock’ as you can find out about on our Studio Policies page. You are always welcome to arrive 15 minutes early!

Lastly please don’t forget about our Deposit policy, found on our Studio Policies page. We will need a deposit in order to schedule your session. Click Here to be taken to our Payments Page.

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